Ana BecerroAna Isabel Becerro Nieto

Born in Valverde del Camino (Huelva), Ana Isabel Becerro studied her Degree in Pharmacy at the University of Seville and Optics at the University of Barcelona. She obtained her Ph.D. degree at the University of Seville in 1997, with a Thesis entitled “Formation of Lu2Si2O7 from hydrothermally treated clays: A mechanism for the retention of radioactive wastes”. She carried out a postdoctoral stay at the ForschungInstitutfürGeochemie und Geophysik (BayerischesGeoinstitut), in Bayreuth (Germany) from 1998 to 2000. She was working there with a contract from a Marie Curie Research Training Network called “Mineral Transformations”. Her research line was the construction of phase diagrams and the study of the structure of perovskite systems at high temperatures. In 2001 she came back to Spain (Material Science Institute of Seville, CSIC) thanks to a “Ramón y Cajal” contract. In 2006 she obtained a permanent position at the Materials Science Institute of Seville. She has published around a hundred of scientific papers in SCI journals and presented more than 50 contributions to scientific meetings in the fields of luminescent nanoparticles, solid state chemistry, geosciences, neutrons and X-ray diffraction, and NMR spectroscopy.
Tel: +34 954 489 545